About Us

Photo of scenic Meadowbrook Orchards in early fall.

Here’s a little information about Meadowbrook Orchards.

We were founded in 1912 by John Chandler, a man who was passionate about growing and selling apples. Over the decades, the Chandler family has managed to hold on to our farm through a fire, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Today’s generation of Chandlers has modernized the farm to make it as eco-friendly and efficient as possible. In addition to our booming apple wholesale operation, we have a friendly year-round restaurant, a popular bakery and a farmstore featuring our own specialty food products.

You can also find us at local farmers markets and events. We offer a fruit CSA featuring our own apples, raspberries, and blueberries.

Our scenic orchards and restaurant can be rented for any occasion. You can bring home our homemade pies, baked goods, and frozen entries to enjoy any time. We sell hundreds of pies for every holiday. In addition, we offer catering for meetings, parties, and events.

Want to know more? We’re proud to share our story and our values with you.

Want to be part of our team? Contact david.jr@meadowbrookorchards.com to learn about our current employment opportunities.

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